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The inaugural meeting of the Australasian Native Orchid Society (Victorian Group) was held on the 16 August 1968 at the Victorian Railways Institute, Flinders Street, Melbourne.  At that meeting there were 25 people present and the elected office bearers were:

  • President - Les Raynes
  • Vice President - Alan Home
  • Committee - David Jones, Ray Smith & Dick Smith

At that meeting Bill Murdoch from Coal Point in NSW was the guest of honour and spoke on the cultivation of native orchids.  Bill was a co-founder of the ANOS parent group.  The committee resolved to book the lecture hall at the National Herbarium for subsequent meetings.

At the Following meeting in October, Bill Murdoch was awarded the first life membership of ANOS Vic. for his efforts in establishing ANOS and for his continuing endeavours on behalf of native orchids.

The Herbarium became our home until 1994, except for a period between November 1987 and July 1989, while the Herbarium was being renovated.  During the break we held our meetings either at the Royal Victorian Horticultural Society Hall in Victoria Street, Melbourne or at the West Hawthorn Uniting Church Hall.  We departed the Herbarium in October 1994, spent a few months at the St. Lukes Anglican Church Hall in Dorcas Street, South Melbourne, and transferred to the Burnley Horticultural College in March 1995.  Burnley Horticultural College proved to be a good home for our meetings, but after eleven years of residence the cost of remaining there could no longer be justified.  So in 2006 we had to look for a new home for our meetings and settled in at the Toorak Uniting Church Hall. Unfortunately, history repeated itself and after twelve years at the Toorak Uniting Church Hall the rising cost of the hall rental became exhorbitant and we had to move once again. So at the start of 2019 we found a new home for our meetings at the Glen Waverley Community Centre.

ANOS Vic. has continually published a Bulletin since its establishment.  Les Raynes was the first Editor and the inaugural Bulletin totalled four pages.  Les was the Editor for two and a half years, followed by John Fanning for four years, Helen Richards for four years, Paul Phillips for ten years and Helene Wild for the past thirty years.  Today our Bulletin is fourteen pages and a printed version is available in black and white or a full colour version is available by e-mail.

  • 13 October 1968 - First field trip visited Warneet with 35 members in attendance
  • September 1969 - First Spring Show (members only)
  • November 1970 - Tuber Bank established
  • 1971 - Calochilus richiae adopted as society emblem
  • 1977 - Terrestrial Study Group established
  • October 1978 - First Spring Show open to the general public
  • 1984 - First edition of "Cultivation of Australian Native Orchids" is published
  • 1984 - New Members Group established
  • 1985 - Epiphyte Study Group established
  • 1988 - Second edition of "Cultivation of Australian Native Orchids" is published
  • 1999 - Seed Propagation Group established
  • October 2000 - Host of the 4th ANOS Conference and Show
  • July 2006 - ANOS Victoria is joint winner with Department of Sustainability and Environment, Parks Victoria, Royal Botanic Gardens - Melbourne, Melbourne University, Victoria University and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University in the Prime Minister's Banksia Awards for the Environment in the category of Land and Biodiversity.  This is to recognize the cooperative work done by all the groups in orchid conservation.  The submission was titled "Back from the Brink: Saving Victoria's Threatened Orchids "
  • August 2018 - ANOS Victoria celebrates its 50th Anniversary
Presidents Term of Service
Les W. Raynes 1968 - 1973
Alan Home 1973 - 1974
David Cannon 1974 - 1975
Ray W. Smith 1975 - 1976
John B. Fanning 1976 - 1979
Rick Wootton 1979 - 1981
Rick Datodi 1981 - 1984
Helen Richards OAM 1984 - 1987
Don Smith 1987 - 1992
Alex Wild 1992 - 1994
Murray Harding 1994 - 1996
Doug Lee 1996 - 1998
Tony Slater 1998 - 2002
George Byrne-Dimos 2002 - 2005
Andrew Dilley 2005 - 2008
Mike Duncan 2008 - 2011
Graham Tootell 2011 - 2014
Richard Austin 2014 - 2017
George Byrne-Dimos 2017 - Present


Life Members Awarded
Bill Murdoch* 1968
Les W. Raynes 1972
David Cannon 1977
David L. Jones 1977
Ray W. Smith* 1978
Alan Home* 1978
Rick Datodi 1978
John B Fanning* 1979
Jack Vaughan* 1981
Gerald McCraith* 1981
Helen Richards OAM 1989
Ken* & Olive Killian* 1991
Leon W. Irwin* 1992
Don Smith 1993
Dean Shannon* 1994
Helene & Alex Wild 1998
Lorraine Marshall* 1998
Doug Lee 2001
Tony Slater 2002
Richard & Marion Thomson 2004
George Byrne-Dimos 2008
Andrew & Sue Dilley 2009
Michael Duncan 2013
Stan Harper 2013
Godfred Oesch 2013
Russell Mawson 2018
  * Deceased