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Coming Up

5/04/24 - April Meeting

Professor Ary Hoffman presenting "Dealing with climate change effects on biodiversity by mixing genotypes: Essential or too risky?""

6/04/24 - Terrestrial Seed Group

Learn the techniques of growing terrestrial orchids from seed.

7/04/24 - Epiphyte Study Group

Hosted by George and Fran Byrne-Dimos, topic Bulbophyllums.

8/04/24 - Conservation Group

Diuris fragrantissima site maintenance, Sunshine.

16/04/24 - Conservation Group

Diuris fragrantissima site maintenance, Laverton.

22/04/24 - Conservation Group

Diuris fragrantissima site maintenance, Sunshine.

3/05/24 - May Meeting

Guest speaker & presentation topic to be advised.


Within ANOS Vic there are 5 active groups to cater for members various interests. The scope of these groups, particularly those that organise activities in the field, is somewhat fluid. Activities sometimes overlap the interests of different groups and so they will combine their resources.

By being a member of ANOS Vic. you are entitled to participate in all activities organised by any of the groups. The only restrictions are that the number of members attending an activity is occasionally restricted due the possibility of adverse impacts on sensitive orchid sites. If you wish to attend any of our field activities please register your interest with the activity coordinator as we need to know numbers and also to be able to notify you of any changes to the activity or cancellations.

Dendrobium Elegant Heart

Epiphyte Study Group

The Epiphyte Study Group meets once a month. Activities usually involve visiting members and other epiphyte orchid growers to see the conditions they grow their orchids under.

Pterostylis chaetophora

Terrestrial Study Group

The Terrestrial Study Group endeavours to organise a field trip to search for orchids in the field at least once a month. Activities can range from a half day to a week or more, anywhere in Victoria as well the as occasional interstate adventure.

Pterostylis cucullata

Conservation Group

The Conservation Group endeavours to undertake a conservation activity in the field at least once a month. Typical conservation activities involve searching for rare and endangered orchids, site maintenance and monitoring of endangered orchid populations.

Pterostylis nutans

Orchid Stewards Group

The Orchid Stewards Group is a new group to engage younger members. There is no denying that this Society is an immense source of knowledge on orchids and plays a large role in their conservation. Sadly, interest in this field, and botany in general, has been (mostly) lost with younger generations. To continue the great work this Society does we must engage younger generations to reignite their spark. The Orchid Stewards group will achieve this by creating events and experiences targeted to their interest. If you are an existing member who would like to join this group or know anyone who may be interested, you can find us on the following social platforms.

Orchid Stewards on Facebook

Orchid Stewards on Instagram

Caladenia flava

Terrestrial Cultivation & Seed Propagation Group

The Terrestrial Seed Propagation Group is a hands on practical group formed to help improve our knowledge of how to grow orchids from seed. The group meets once a month and members get learn the techniques of plating orchid seed.