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5/04/24 - April Meeting

Professor Ary Hoffman presenting "Dealing with climate change effects on biodiversity by mixing genotypes: Essential or too risky?""

6/04/24 - Terrestrial Seed Group

Learn the techniques of growing terrestrial orchids from seed.

7/04/24 - Epiphyte Study Group

Hosted by George and Fran Byrne-Dimos, topic Bulbophyllums.

8/04/24 - Conservation Group

Diuris fragrantissima site maintenance, Sunshine.

16/04/24 - Conservation Group

Diuris fragrantissima site maintenance, Laverton.

22/04/24 - Conservation Group

Diuris fragrantissima site maintenance, Sunshine.

3/05/24 - May Meeting

Guest speaker & presentation topic to be advised.


This page contains reference information on Australian orchids. It can be freely downloaded and redistributed, provided the original material is attributed to the authors and is not edited.

Pterostylis chaetophera

ANOS Victoria Library

ANOS Victoria has an extensive library of books and reference material which members can borrow. The library is open at the monthly meetings with a range of the most popular publications.

Should you wish to reserve or borrow something specific you may do so by contacting our librarian Andrew Gibbons.

Download the PDF Version of the ANOS Victoria Library Catalogue.

Prasophyllum fitzgeraldii

R D Fitzgerald - Australian Orchids

Real Jardin Botanico in Spain has digitised R.D. Fitzgerald's 1882 Edition of Australian Orchids Volumes 1 and 2. 

From 1875 until 1882 in association with Arthur James Stopps who was a lithographer in the same public offices that he worked at, FitzGerald published seven parts of his work Australian Orchids. The exquisite lithograph plates detailing FitzGerald's dissections of orchids, were hand-coloured by artists following his samples and instructions. Australian Orchids made FitzGerald famous in the botanical world and Joseph Dalton Hooker another botanist, considered the work one "which would be an honour to any country and to any Botanist". (Wikipedia)

Parts 1, 2 and 3 contain exquisitely drawn monochrome illustrations, whereas the remaining parts and volume 2 have also been hand coloured.

Volume 1 consists of seven parts:
Part 1 - Published July 1875
Part 2 - Published March 1876
Part 3 - Published June 1877
Part 4 - Published July 1878
Part 5 - Published October 1879
Part 6 - Published July 1880
Part 7 - Published October 1882

There don't appear to be publication dates for volume 2.

A contents document has also been included to aid navigation through the parts.

Fitzgerald Australian Orchids

R.D.Fitzgerald - Australian Orchids Contents

R.D.Fitzgerald - Australian Orchids Volume 1

R.D.Fitzgerald - Australian Orchids Volume 2

Pterostylis chaetophera

Pterostylis rufa Complex - Bentham's Mistake

ANOS Victoria member Bill Kosky has been researching the Pterostylis rufa complex around Australia's south-east and has come up with some interesting and contradictory findings.

This document helps to clarify the differences between Pterostylis rufa, Pterostylis squamata, Pterostylis aciculiformis, Pterostylis ferruginea and Pterostylis pusilla.

Pterostylis rufa complex

Download the PDF Version of Pterostylis rufa Complex.

Dendrobium speciosum

Australian Orchid Checklist


This Checklist covers the 1,963 species, subspecies and varieties of wild orchids (comprising 1,866 species and 97 subspecies and varieties) in 116 genera found in Australia and its island territories. This total includes 367 species that are considered distinct but not yet named and described, and these species have been identified by a 'tag name'. An additional six species that are not native to Australia but have become established in the wild there are included at the end of the main Checklist. This Checklist also includes 591 naturally occurring hybrids (including 50 named wild hybrids) in 15 genera plus 7 intergeneric crosses, that have been observed in the field. Many of the named hybrids were mistakenly named as species before their hybrid status was recognised, while others were deliberately named as hybrids. The inclusion of the many hundreds of recognised but un-named species and naturally occurring hybrids makes this the most comprehensive checklist of Australian orchids ever compiled.

The Checklist has been prepared using information sourced from recent State or regional guides to orchids, herbarium checklists, photographs and the personal observations and experience of the authors. It has been prepared in two versions: an Excel spreadsheet that can be modified by users, and a PDF version that can be printed for a hard copy.

The Checklist was prepared by Gary Backhouse (Victoria), Andrew Brown (Western Australia), Robert Bates (South Australia) and Lachlan Copeland (New South Wales).

This Checklist will be updated periodically.

Checklist of Australian Orchids

PDF Version of the Australian Orchid Checklist.

Excel Version of the Australian Orchid Checklist.

Current release January 2019.

Caladenia australis

Victoria's Clubbed Spider Caladenia

ANOS Victoria member Bill Kosky has been studying Victoria's clubbed spider Caladenia orchids for several years and presents two draft papers to assist in the identification of three East Gippsland spider Caladenia.

Part 1 looks at the rarely encountered and poorly known Caladenia fitzgeraldii as well as the closely related Caladenia peisleyi.
Part 2 looks at the more common Caladenia montana.

These draft papers put forward a discussion for morphological grading and suggestions for the revision of their taxonomy.

Download the PDF Version of Part 1: The Fitzgeraldii Type.

Download the PDF Version of Part 2: The Montana Type.